Friday, December 23, 2016

Corten Siding Progress

We have progress on the Corten steel panels! 
Corten steel is chemically designed to develop an exterior layer of rust as it weathers. The outer layer of rust acts as a protective coating to the steel itself. Corten stands for "CORrosion resistance" and "TENsile strength." The weathering actually strengthens the steel for structural applications.

The Holly Hill House siding protects the house from water intrusion just as well as any typical siding (such as wood, brick, stucco, etc.) and it does not need to be painted. The rust that develops is a nice patina.

We have tested the weathering on material samples and mock-ups and now we are excited to watch the weathering progress on the actual siding!

Material sample to test the corten steel weathering.

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  1. the corten is a living, evolving skin for the house. each day it is different. at birth we spiral toward decay and death. the corten is decaying toward death years from now. lovely to watch